architect + stonemason

Pete Macfarlane, registered architect and qualified stonemason, is a specialist in memorials. He is the sole architect stonemason in Australia, creating unique memorials that present an informed, creative and sensitive alternative to other memorial companies within and outside Australia. Each memorial is personally designed and crafted, and represents the culmination of his design approach of listening, observing and a sensitive, creative collaboration. The memorial design path offers an experience like no other memorial company.

The invitation for involvement is inherent in all stages on the design path. This approach engenders empowerment and a sense of ownership of the finished form. The culmination is a calm, inspired composition that brings healing through the collaborative creative process and concludes with a tangible personal expression of feeling.

The gentle experience of collaboration, working together through creativity, empowers an enriched experience on the healing journey.

The memorials are sensitive, and contemporary, with influences from the ancient providing a foundation for reaching out for inspiration for future.
Each memorial responds to the need, the site and the light, integrating natural healing design features.

The memorials are active rather than static, resulting in unique works of articulated and layered design, which enrich the experiences of observation and contemplation.

The site is experienced and analysed for topography, geology, wind, light, water, and the relationship to other memorials.

Story telling by various creative approaches is used to enrich the layered history and vision expressed in memorials.

The outcome is a memorial that represents the past, is experienced in the present and inspires the future.