public art

I create ideas, concepts, plans and artworks for Clients, Councils and Placemaking firms working at times in collaboration with Architects and Landscape Architects.
For many years I focussed my creative energies on the art of Glassblowing and I have several installations in hotels, hospitals and private homes across Australia as well as completing a number of international commissions. My Art Glass can also be found in a selection of prestigious galleries within Australia and Internationally.
For the past 3 years I have concentrated on Design primarily for Public Art projects. I utilise a number of mediums including glass, stone, timbre, 316 Stainless Steel, alloys, copper, bronze, LED’s, fibre optics, water, sound and imaging. The scope of my work is constantly changing which inspires rapidly evolving creative thought processes. My inspiration is drawn from both the natural and urban environments and I use my ideas to engage society in cultural thought.