visual artist

Growing up on the Clarence River in the 60’s sensitised one to the ways of nature and spirit of place... particularly this mighty river with its many islands, tributaries and local legends. Collecting seed pods as a young child was a curiosity that persisted. Leaving to study after turning 18 led to countless physical relocations, travel, artistic risks and opportunities all, shaping the 30 plus years spent working as an artist in differing roles - the continuing art practice, exhibiting, schools, adult learning and small business.

In 2010, as Artist-in-Residence at Brisbane Botanic Gardens, I undertook the project ‘Homage to the Seed’ in conjunction with the Seed Lab (at the Mt Coot-tha Gardens) set up by the Millennium Seed Bank Project, UK. Strong, long-term passions came together in a single focus for the first time... a long-held interest in ethno-botany, journal-keeping, painting, love of books, ideas and other disciplines... this project offered an excellent possibility for cross-pollination and multi-disciplinary involvement. A book 'homage to the Seed' was published in Dec, 2010 documenting the Residency project which continues to evolve... with a short residency at the Millennium Seed Bank in the UK and another book planned. Seeds and Biodiversity is such a dense and timely field of exploration that it is likely to preoccupy this artist for some time to come!

To see more on my work visit my website : sophiemunns.weebly.com

and the homage to the Seed blog : sophiemunns2010.blogspot.com